Welcome to DORA Media.

We will be tracking the development of the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).
At time of writing, DORA is due to launch in March 2022 and seeks to bring in a new era of security and operational compliance in the EU Finance industry.

We cover topics including the law itself, developments in business continuity and how they apply to compliance with DORA and the additional elements which underpin a resilient financial operation such as cybersecurity, disaster recovery and governance of IT services throughout the supply chain and across the industry.

DORA seeks to bring more cohesion to the industry and more information sharing amongst organisations in order to ‘harden’ the industry against threats from the miscellany of hackers, crackers, social engineers and all manner of potential criminal incursion into services and supply.

We hope that you find the content interesting and informative.

Mark Evans, February 2021.